Well Fed and Well on the Paleo diet

Cooking is a HUGE pastime in my family.  I grew up spending holidays and get togethers pretty much only in the kitchen.  From morning til night there was always something yummy on the counter when my family got together – still is.  For the last 12 years or so, I’ve been primarily vegetarian with a little veganism thrown in now and then for good measure.  I’m a very active person who loves to cook and eat when I’m not making a movie or hiking up a mountain and this diet worked for me – although my southern family laughed at my lack of steak and sausage! I loved making raw delights in the kitchen and I LOVED being a vegetarian, for all the right reasons.  So when I got pregnant with my son, and started CRAVING meat like a crazed lunatic, it was really tough for me to give in to that.  Ultimately I felt that if I was craving it that intensely there was something about it that my baby needed, so I reluctantly started eating turkey and eggs and continued through the amazing home water birth of our beautiful son.

Peace on earth begins at birth

After our son was born though, my health started to decline tremendously.  I was fatigued all the time, and after a year it was only getting worse.  I couldn’t find the energy to walk around the block, let alone go on a hike.  I was losing weight, which for me is not a good thing, and I was having major digestive issues… but I was eating all the right things and taking my vitamins… It didn’t make any sense.  We were mostly gluten free already (I stopped eating gluten and corn when Sterling had problems digesting my milk early on) It just didn’t make any sense.  I thought I might have gotten a parasite.  Some unknown creature had to be in there causing a ruckus and sucking the life outta me.

Enter the naturopath.  My mother finally convinced me to make an appointment with a naturopath, and we found an extraordinary one close by.  I didn’t think there was anything she could do for me.  I just needed to get tested for worms!  Boy was I wrong.  My first visit was well over 2 hours, during which time the good doctor taught me sooo much I didn’t know (which is crazy because I research EVERYTHING) and drew my blood for an ALCAT test as well as basic vitals.

Turns out I didn’t have worms.  Far from it.  I was just eating A LOT of things I was allergic to (like kale – never saw that one coming), and I needed to heal my gut big time from years of destroying it (thats a whole other topic).  My body was crying out for help.  So a few months ago at my doctors suggestion, I stopped eating all the foods I was allergic to and adopted the PALEO diet. For my household that means we all adopted the PALEO diet, because my love of cooking means I’m the one in the kitchen.  For those of you who have never heard of PALEO, former research biochemist Robb Wolf explains it really well.  The Paleo Mom herself, Sarah Ballyntyne, PhD is another research scientist who I love and who explains it really well too!

In just a few short months of learning to eat meat again and learning to eat fish at all (I hated fish before this) I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life!  Throwing out all the processed food and stocking up on Paleo cookbooks like this and this has made the challenge easier and less daunting. My energy level is huge and lasts through the day (which makes my toddler happy and makes me happy when he goes to sleep and I can get work done instead of passing out next to him) I’m starting to exercise again.  My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.  My skin looks awesome.  My headaches are few and far between.  My joint pain is gone (this is massive). And spending hours and hours on set is beginning to feel like a possibility again… that is, if I choose to leave this gorgeous gift of a son for that long!



Sterling chows down on a homemade avocado carob “chocolate pudding pop”. He has no idea its not chocolate and sugar!


The change in health for the rest of my family is huge too.  Everyone looks and feels better.  Paleo is here to stay for us.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning how to cook this way, and learning how to make food for Sterling this way, and I’ll be sharing that on this blog from time to time.  I hope you enjoy it!  Here’s to your health and well being – in every area of your life!


Well fed and well!


See what Dr. Oz has to say about the Paleo diet here! 



Place all ingredients in blender and puree, adding purified water as needed to blend until ingredients are the consistency of pudding and everything is mixed well.  There should be no chunks and no green showing! Spoon mixture into silicone popsicle molds and freeze!


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