“Katherine is a wonderful teacher with many years of experience under her belt. Her approach to the industry is refreshingly grounded and she offers many tips that I found thought-provoking and useful. I would highly recommend her class for anyone looking to make a career in entertainment.” – Wilson Bethel


“This class is vital. It’s in the pocket of things to be doing.” – Scott Haze

LUKAS BEHNKEN 2014 HEADSHOTforweb“I am reinvigorated with positivity about my team, my work, this industry and my close ones – the major change being MY perspective. ” – Lukas Behnken

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.18.22 PM“I knew I would benefit from Katherine’s workshop, but I had no idea just how much her thorough approach, wisdom and really astounding power as a speaker and teacher would affect me on all levels of my life and work. I left feeling illuminated, empowered, inspired and like I had the tools to help me as I moved forward with the very delicate and challenging work required of me as an actor. Whenever I feel stuck or overwhelmed I remember some of what I learned in her workshop and I’m immediately able to overcome. I would recommend this workshop to anyone, not just actors. Katherine is truly an enlightened woman and all would benefit from her graceful teaching. “ – Ciera Danielle


Katherine’s class is indispensable to any working and auditioning actor in the industry. It’s so important to be able to compartmentalize and process the different emotional elements of acting–Katherine gave me the tools to “let go of my characters” and go back to my own reality. It makes all the difference that she is a working actress, whose experience in the industry prompted her to develop this important technique. –Hassie Harrison


“I feel like I have a safety net now, which gives me confidence that I can go deeper into my roles” – Gabriel Grier


“I was inspired to look at my life and career from a new perspective!” –Jim Freivogel