Subway Suicide

Talking to you today about my great friend Ciera Danielle and her upcoming film to be shot in New York this summer, Subway Suicide! I love talking about strong women, and I’m especially excited to shout to the world about this one!

Ciera Danielle is one of my favorite actresses (and one of my closest friends) and truly a wonder to watch on screen or on stage.  Anyone who has had the privilege of being a witness to her work has been changed by it.  Ciera and I got to play on screen together in a beautiful film called POST that she starred in, and I was bettered by the truth she demanded in her work. She is the perfect person to be handling this heavy subject matter, as she always brings the utmost honesty to her work.  Suicide takes the lives of nearly 30,000 americans every year.  The more artists bring light to these issues the more people talk, and the less in the dark we all are.  It is a powerful thing.  Visit her indiegogo link and help her bring this movie to the world!

Check out Ciera’s website too and follow her, she is doing some incredible things through her production company Love and Lavoro Films.

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